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Nick and I are building a disc golf events website

Posted on May 27th, 2016

[Nick Lindeman]( and I have teamed up to work on some mini projects. Nick is a web designer I have worked with on many projects at [Philsquare]( Basically, we needed a creative outlet. In addition, we wanted something that could display our abilities, be enjoyable and can start out simple. ## Build it simple and publish I believe in keeping the initial release simple. I have worked with many clients that wait months, sometimes years before publishing their project. Sometimes, these projects never made it to publication. The most common causes are ... * They want to pack every feature they can think of in their initial release * During the course of development they continually think of new things to change or add * They worry about someone stealing their idea if they don't have the previous 2 mentioned items fulfilled One big problem with this mentality is the lack of quality user feedback. Many clients "guess" that users will **love** feature X without any data to back this up. I've built many features that users will "love" but never, ever get used. Nick and I have decided that our mini projects will be released after the absolute basic functionality is done. We will then make updates in small phases. This will allow us to have a published project that we can then build upon at a reasonable pace. ## Our first project, Disc Golf Events Disc Golf Events is a website that allows disc golfers to find related events such as tournaments. We decided the simplest implementation would be a search box and a single event page. The project is built on the [Laravel]( framework, the search box leverages [Twitter's Typeahead]( and the data would be sourced from the [PDGA]( using their API. Visitors can search by name, state or city and then select the event. Once selected, a page is displayed with all the information for the event. That's it. Super simple and published in hours not weeks. You can view the project at it's tentative url of []( As we make updates, I'll post it on this blog. Feel free to take a look and leave comments below.