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Disc golf events project now with Tweets and YouTube videos

Posted on Jun 13th, 2016

Nick and I have made some cool updates to our project tentatively called "Disc Golf Events". If you missed it, I wrote [a small post about it]( ## YouTube Videos We are now using the YouTube Data API to acquire information for our event videos. These videos are hand selected by us and the IDs are attached to the event. So now on the event page visitors can easily see videos for selected events. ## Twitter Feed Using the Twitter search API we are now grabbing tweets by event hashtags. This feed will show on the individual event page and for the moment only refreshes on page reload. Check out [this event]( for a great example of the updates. ## What's next The next step is to greatly enhance the search. We want users to find the exactly event they are looking for quickly. We are working to build a dynamic single page search with filters and more detailed results.