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DG Chains

DG Chains is an application for disc golfers. It uses the PDGA, Dark Sky and Brewery DB APIs to provide registered users with access to a detailed course info. However, the primary focus is to allow users to record their round scores and view stats.


This project is a comprehensive showcase for my abilities as a web dev/designer. Except for the creation of the logo, (props to Nick Lindeman), I coded and designed every corner of this project. It is built on the Laravel Framework and implements APIs such as Dark Sky for weather, Brewery DB for finding local breweries and PDGA for course and event information.


  • create rounds for more than 5,000 courses internationally
  • post comments and photos to rounds
  • view statistics per course
  • follow players
  • like courses and/or add them to a wish list
  • view activities from players users follow
  • view details about any course including weather, photos, map, who has played, surrounding courses, events, and nearby breweries
  • view officially sanctioned PDGA events that are intelligently selected based on user's frequently played courses
  • search for events, players or courses in one global search

Built on Laravel

  • Authentication
  • Console Commands
  • Cache
  • Events
  • Filesystem
  • Mail
  • Redis
  • Session
  • Task Scheduling
  • Tests


  • UIKit
  • Mobile
  • jQuery
  • Chart.js
  • Typeahead.js
  • Mapbox.js


  • Weather
  • PDGA
  • Brewery