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A light CRM, time tracker and invoicing application built in one. I built this application in an effort to make it dramatically easier to invoice clients. It is build on Laravel 5 but also uses services such as Stripe, Pusher and Algolia.


I use this application dailty to keep my client's basic information, record billable/non-billable time, create task lists and most importantly create invoices. The primary resourses (Models) are clients, work orders, invoices, times, tasks, payments and notes.

These resources are tightly connected and promote good invoicing and time tracking practices. Work orders, tasks and times cannot be created until an invoice exists in which they can reference. This ensures there are no orphan hours. In addition, it uses Stripe to accept credit card payments online.

I've recently rebuilt the project from Laravel v4 to Laravel v5 and made it open source and available on Github.

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  • record client information and view related invoices, work orders and notes
  • track billable hours
  • create work orders to hold task lists and times
  • add notes to work orders, invoices or client pages
  • work order information is always on invoices so no need to describe tasks performed or transfer/calculate times and costs
  • add Stripe keys and immediately take credit card payments
  • dashboard shows daily revenue performance

Built on Laravel

  • Authentication
  • Advanced Eloquent Implimentations
  • Console Commands
  • Events
  • Task Scheduling
  • Unit Testing


  • UIKit
  • Mobile
  • jQuery
  • Chart.js (coming soon)


  • Stripe
  • Algolia (coming soon)
  • Pusher