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LaraManager is a database interface for Laravel projects. It is a Laravel package that can be installed with composer and setup in minutes. I created this package to provide a standard admin panel for my Laravel projects.


Originally, I built Laravel as a super simple database interface so my clients would be able to update content. Overtime, I have been working in additional features such as 404 tracker, redirects, and custom object builder for resources. Currently, websites such as thegranada.com, nrhamm.com, and philsquare.com are using it as a primary CMS. Oh yeah, this website is also using LaraManager to manage almost all content.

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  • laravel package
  • tracks 404
  • add redirects
  • slick file manager
  • add resources such as “Pages” and “Posts”
  • add Objectable trait to models and add the ability to add objects to resources
  • easily add custom objects or overload the default

For more information view on Github.