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Phil Mareu Logo Hi, I’m Phil Mareu, a professional web developer and designer with almost 10 years of experience. I strive to build the best UI/UX for web applications and drive it with sensible coding practices and techniques. When I’m not building web things you can find me playing disc golf, hiking or enjoying a tasty beverage while BBQing.

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php artisan dusk --filter user_can_create_a_client

Rebuilding my invoicing application in Laravel, Final - Clients Create

Dec 7th, 2017

php artisan dusk:make ClientsPageTest

Rebuilding my invoicing application in Laravel, Part 6 - Clients Section

Dec 6th, 2017

php artisan make:test ClientsEndpointTests/GetClientsEndpointTest

Rebuilding my invoicing application in Laravel, Part 4 - Endpoints

Dec 4th, 2017

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Active personal web application projects


DG Tournaments

DG Tournaments is a disc golf tournament management platform designed to improved tournament visibility and help directors published information.

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Laramanger Primary Image


LaraManager is a database interface for Laravel projects. It is a Laravel package that can be installed with composer and setup in minutes. I created this package to provide a standard admin panel for my Laravel projects.

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DG Chains

DG Chains is an application for disc golfers. It uses the PDGA, Dark Sky and Brewery DB APIs to provide registered users with access to a detailed course info. However, the primary focus is to allow users to record their round scores and view stats.

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logo invoicing


A light CRM, time tracker and invoicing application built in one. I built this application in an effort to make it dramatically easier to invoice clients. It is build on Laravel 5 but also uses services such as Stripe, Pusher and Algolia.

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Basic websites I built on Laravel and implements LaraManager

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Philsquare is a web design and development company I started in 2010. I wanted to create a website that fast, clean and promoted our work clearly.

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header mareulife

Mareu Life

Mareu Life is our personal blog. Since we take lots of photos, we needed a website that could promote our posts with related photos.

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logo hamm


Hamm provides services such as highway construction, mining, and waste services in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. This websites was created to help promote all their services.

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logo granada

The Granada

Years ago, we built this websites as a WordPress theme. Eventually, the client needed more functionality. I converted the entire project to Laravel 5 and it now uses my LaraManager to update content such as events and photos.

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More websites on philsquare.com