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About Phil Mareu

Over the last 10 years I have worked hard to continue to learn and progress as a professional developer. Here I describe my abilities, background and the journey from 12 year boy with a TI-99 to modern day web architect.

Hi, I’m Phil Mareu. I am a professional web designer and developer with almost 10 years of experience. I strive to build the best UI/UX for web applications and drive it with sensible coding practices and techniques. When I’m not building web things you can find me playing disc golf, hiking, or enjoying a tasty beverage while BBQing.

In 2014, I married Bailey DeReus and we both legally changed our last name to Mareu. Mareu is a mash-up of my previous last name "Martinez" and her maiden name "DeReus". We both work remotely from our laptops and last year decided to hit the road full-time. Today, we both travel the U.S. while doing great things on the web. We sometimes blog at


  • entrepreneurial minded 
  • coder and designer
  • responsible and dependable
  • excellent communication skills
  • science and technology minded
  • appetite to learn
  • enjoy finding elegant solutions to challenges
  • published a paper once
  • can throw a disc golf disc accurately 300 feet


  • PHP (Laravel, PyroCMS)
  • PHP Storm
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • MySQL
  • HTML & CSS
  • LESS
  • Gulp
  • GIT
  • UIKit


  • PHP Frameworks
    • Laravel
    • Codeigniter
  • CMS
    • PyroCMS
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Shopify
  • JS
    • jQuery
    • UIKit
    • Typeahead
  • CSS
    • UIKit
    • Bootstrap
    • Responsive Techniques
  • APIs
    • Weather
    • RETS (Real estate MLS)
    • Twillio
    • Patron (Library auth)
    • Stripe
    • Brewery
    • PDGA
    • Google Geocode
    • Paypal
  • Maps
    • Google Maps
    • Mapbox
    • Leaftet
  • Conversions
    • Blogspot to WordPress
    • WordPress to PyroCMS
    • WordPress to Laravel
    • PyroCMS to Laravel
  • Services
    • Github
    • Bitbucket
    • Laravel Forge
    • Digital Ocean
    • Algolia
    • Pusher
    • Mandrill
    • Mailgun
    • Composer
    • Vagrant


2007, Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas


Let’s get started

Well, it began in the '80s when my dad bought a TI-99 with a beginner’s programming book. I typed 100 PRINT “Hello World!” and my passion for coding machines came alive. I started writing video games for myself and would painstakingly convert each byte from the grid paper drawings into hexadecimal just to create simple sprites and landscapes. Many years later, I acquired an Apple IIe and continued coding and designing games as a hobby.

Back to school

In 2002, I returned to college to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I was quickly introduced to the MATLAB platform and my passion for coding was re-energized. MATLAB mixes coding with math; I was stoked (yes, I love math). I picked it up fast. In my first MATLAB class, I won the programming challenge at the end of the semester. Throughout the next few years, I became skilled enough with the platform that it landed me a MATLAB application developer job after I graduated. Now, I’m getting paid to code!

I’m an analyst

So, now I’m working as an analyst for this small engineering company. When I wasn’t doing FEA, I was writing software to interface with our vibration analysis equipment. I was given the task to build an interface that programmatically controlled the sensors, processed the data and displayed it on some sort of UI. After I completed the application, we immediately sold our first licensed version. In addition to this application, I also worked on a variety of scripts and helper apps to aid in engineering analysis.

So what about web development

While working as an engineering analyst, I was trying to build a website for my DIY projects. I knew nothing about how to build or design a website so I used a GUI type web builder. It was limiting at times, so I would hack at the code. Eventually, I decided to just sit down with a good HTML & CSS book and learn how to build a website. A few weeks later, I was looking for excuses to build a website and eventually became skilled enough that I decided to make a career switch. Three years later, I submitted my resignation at my full-time engineering job and started a web design and development company called Philsquare.


In the early Philsquare days, I setup basic WordPress websites and provided workshops. Several months later, I landed a large project and hired a couple developers part-time to assist. It was clear to me that this project would need something other than WordPress. I started looking into application frameworks and ended up choosing a PHP framework called Codeigniter. The team and I learned how to use the framework and started building the client’s application. Fast forward several years and we have moved on from Codeigniter to Laravel. I have been using Laravel for more than two years on all our major applications.

Philsquare is one of my greatest accomplishments. I started the company with zero clients and money but was able to build up a good client base within a year by providing excellent customer services and products. I have gained an incredible amount of experience while running the company as creative director, designer, and developer. Philsquare still operates today with 90% of our business from referrals. You can find out more about Philsquare at