Laramanager is an admin tool that I created to make it super easy to apply an admin panel to any of my Laravel projects. It is built with Laravel and Vue and offers some great features such as resource CRUD operations, image manager and content object builder.

  • Image Manager

    The image manager is powered by Vue and UIkit's upload component. Images can be drag and dropped on the page. Once uploaded, the gallery automatically updates with editable images.

    Admin Panel

    The most basic use for Laramanager is as an admin panel. I created a clean design with clear navigation. It is also super easy to add custom panels by just extending the base admin blade layout.


    I build Laramanager to interface with existing models and not try to create or modify project code. Resources are added by describing some information about the existing project's models. Once a resource is setup, fields can be added to help manage CRUD operations.


    In the past, I have built projects that required "building blocks" such as Learning Management Systems (LMS). I wanted to adapt this technology in a way to allow me to have "buildable" content areas. Objects allow an admin to stack and reorder a variety of objects to build a content area. Objects are easy to customize and can receive input or interact with the image gallery. I'm actually using them to build this page!

    Field Types

    I designed the fields types with customization in mind. Each field type is its own class with an accompanying set of views that describe the form input and value visuals. Custom field types are easy to create and can be composer packages or just part of the project's code base.

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